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Got a pcpa file (Lazy_Leaks.pcap)

  • By Wireshark, I opened the pcap file and found it was about 102.783 seconds record of the packets
  • At first, I tried to find some http stream, but found nothing at all. But between packets, telnet protocal caught my attentions. Because I know telnet protocal is unencrypted, so if the admin used this to log in some server, maybe I can obtain some crendentials.
  • Thus, I mainly focused on TELNET stream, so I filtered “telnet” in Wireshark and found something interesting.
  • I saw some garbage in the packet, however I found there was a packet that was malformed so I started from that spot. Eventually I found the flag just by browsing the unencrypted messages.

CTF results

Place and points

  • We registerd as the ToInfinityAndBeYANd, and got 851 points resulted in 293rd in the ctf.


  • We solved 11 challenges:.

Score over time



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