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Project that I involved previously :)


  • Mifare 1k Key Cloning:
    • Experience in hardware security and cloning.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in working with M1fare 1k cards, which are widely used in various security applications.
  • Python Drones:
    • Capability in designing and controlling drones using Python.
    • Skill in combining hardware and software concepts for practical applications.


  • Security Dashboard (BubbleNet):
    • Designed a comprehensive security dashboard for tracking and managing online security.
    • Mastery in website development with a focus on cyber-security.

AI Fashion Assistants:

  • AI-Fashion-Assistants:
    • Developed an AI system tailored for the fashion industry.
    • Demonstrates an intersection of AI technology with consumer needs, optimizing fashion choices and trends.

Python Web Automation:

  • Coupon Crawler:
    • Automated web crawler specifically designed to fetch the latest coupons and deals.
    • Proficiency in Python and understanding of e-commerce dynamics.
  • Movie Bot:
    • Built an automation bot for accessing and categorizing movies.
    • Reflects skills in both web automation and content organization



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